Personal Injury Specialist Solicitors

Non-fault accidents- your own insurance should not be affected

Boyd Rice Solicitors has an experienced team of road traffic accident Solicitors who will always strive to ensure that you;

– Are not out of pocket following your accident;
– Receive a replacement vehicle;
– Obtain compensation for your injuries;
– Have the benefit of medical treatment;
– Recover any loss of earnings.

We have noticed an increasing number of clients have approached us on the basis that they feel a sense of injustice that have been asked to pay their insurance excess or, that their premium has increased, following an accident that is not their fault.

This can be avoided by contacting us immediately after your accident has occurred on 02891 817715. If you are involved in an accident over the weekend we can still help, simply email providing a contact telephone number and we will come back to you right away.

When you contact us first we will provide you with immediate advice in respect of what to do next. We can ensure that your insurance is not affected at all by your accident and arrange for your vehicle to be assessed and subsequently repaired.

Early advice is key.