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Injury claims arising from road traffic accident in Strabane settle for £4,000

We were instructed to act on behalf of Mr and Mrs Y in relation to their personal injury claims. Initially Mr and Mrs Y were approached by an accident management company, however they were unhappy at using the Solicitor affiliated with the Company and instructed us.

Our clients instructed that the vehicle in which they where travelling in was stationary when it was hit from behind by a van resulting in significant impact from the rear.
The Police and Ambulance Services were not required to attend the scene and details of the subject accident were locally resolved.

Mrs Y was the restrained driver of the vehicle. She was shaking and shocked after the impact. Approximately 2-3 days after the accident our client attended the Minor Injuries Unit at Ards Hospital with neck pain, pain in her right trapezius and upper back discomfort. Our client sought further medical advice from her GP which resulted in medication being prescribed.

Mr Y was the restrained passenger in the vehicle driven by his wife. Within 1-2 days after the subject accident he developed discomfort and also attended Ards Minor Injuries Unit. He subsequently sought further medical advice from his GP. Mr Y sustained a soft tissue injury of his neck and upper back.

Both claims resolved without any need to attend Court in the sum of £4,000 plus costs.

Following receipt of her damages cheque, Mrs Y commented as follows;

“In the days following our car accident, my husband and I made contact with my insurance company. We had never been in an accident of this nature before and truthfully, we weren’t sure what to do. I found conversations with my insurer very stressful and confusing, I was constantly passed over to new people who I had to rehash all the details to again and again and I felt that there was no personal service or reassurance that my claim was being handled very successfully.

After venting to a family member, we were advised to seek the services of Boyd Rice Solicitors which we did the very next day. From then on in I was stress free. Neil McGranaghan and his team had achieved more in 24 hours than I felt my insurance company had in days and I was constantly kept up to date with all conversations that were taking place. All business was handled for us some of which included dealing with the other party’s insurance company, my own insurance and claims management company, ensuring I had a courtesy car, booking of medical consultations, general advice and reassurance and then negotiating us the best possible resolution and damages compensation.

From the day we made contact with Boyd Rice Solicitors, the process was seamless and actually, the most important part for me was that I felt that I was a valued client from day one. I have no doubt that if I am ever in need of future legal advice or services, that I will have the best team on my side.”

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