Hearing loss claims solicitors

Hearing loss claim against Shorts settles in the sum of £5,437

Our client, Mr J was employed in Hallmark (Shorts), Newtownards as a machine operator. He worked on various machines within the factory. At our initial meeting our client confirmed that he worked in close proximity to noisy machinery, had tinnitus and had suspicions that his hearing had been impaired as a result of his job. Ear protection was not mandatory when he began his employment and therefore was not worn.

We arranged for hearing tests (audiometry) to be carried out by a Consultant Otolaryngologist. The tests confirmed that despite the fact that our client’s hearing was well preserved in lower frequencies, there was evidence of hearing loss in the higher frequencies. The medical expert concluded his report by indicating that our client suffered from mild hearing loss and mild tinnitus.  80% of the hearing loss could be attributed to his employment with Hallmark with 20% as a result of age.

Court proceedings were issued on behalf of our client. The case resolved in our client’s favour and he was delighted with the result. He commented as follows;

“Very happy with the outcome, would recommend Boyd Rice Solicitors for their expertise in handling these claims.” 

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