Debt Recovery Advice

Boyd Rice Solicitors offer a competitively priced debt recovery service

We are continuing to grow our debt recovery service. Businesses are increasingly entrusting Boyd Rice Solicitors to recover their debts. If you have a debt, that has been outstanding for up to six years, we will take all of the necessary and appropriate steps to recover it. Our firm is known for its extensive litigation experience.

There are a number of reasons why it pays to instruct a solicitor to recover debts on your behalf. Firstly, correspondence from a solicitor is much more likely to be taken seriously. The debtor will know you are contemplating litigation so they cannot ignore the demands any longer. Secondly, chasing debts is a time consuming process. By outsourcing this task to us you can focus on attracting new clients and issuing new bills. You can trust us to recover your outstanding debt. Thirdly, we can provide you with the advice that ultimate saves you money. We will know when you should issue a bankruptcy petition or when you should issue county court proceedings. If you were to make a mistake in selecting the appropriate forum you could waste further time and money.

To discuss our rates and how we can help your business contact us at 02891 817715 or email