Road traffic accident at Six Road Ends roundabout, Bangor, Northern Ireland

Boyd Rice Solicitors were instructed to act on behalf of Mrs G in respect in relation to recovery of her insurance excess which she incurred following a road traffic accident at the above location in Bangor. Our client instructed that she was proceeding through the roundabout in the correct lane when another vehicle infringed on her lane and collided with her.

Our client had the benefit of fully comprehensive cover and her own insurance company arranged for repairs to be carried out to her vehicle. Unfortunately our client had to pay her insurance excess on the basis that the other driver disputed liability.

Court proceedings were issued against the at fault driver. The Solicitor appointed by the Defendant’s insurance company suggested that the case could be resolved on a split liability basis given the lack of independent evidence ie. The case was essentially “one driver’s word against the other”. Our client was adamant that the accident was the other driver’s fault and that offer was rejected. The case resolved at the door of the Court with the other driver changing their stance on liability by accepting that the accident was indeed their own fault. Our client, despite being frustrated that it took until the door of the Court for the other driver to see sense, was happy that justice had eventually been served and sent us a lovely email as follows;

Hi Neil,

Just want to say a huge thank you for taking my case and for the outcome. Finally feels great knowing it’s now over and done with and someone actually listened to me when I tried proving a point. You were amazing and your services were fantastic. Thank you so so much!

Best wishes

Our client will recover her insurance excess and also her legal costs will be paid by the Defendant’s insurance company.

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