Dermatitis claim in Northern Ireland settles for £9,000

Boyd Rice Solicitors were instructed to act on behalf of Mr B in relation to his industrial injury claim. Our client instructed that whilst working for a local industrial engineering and steel production company he was tasked to cleaning metal products using chemicals. He was not offered any personal protective equipment and as a result of his working conditions he developed a skin condition known as Dermatitis. He attended his GP who prescribed steroid cream.

Upon receipt of initial instructions, a letter of claim was sent to our client’s employers alleging that they had failed to provide him with a safe working environment and safety equipment.  An appointment was arranged with a Consultant Dermatologist who confirmed that our client had developed Dermatitis as a result of exposure to chemicals at work. The case eventually resolved without the need for our client to attend Court in the sum of £9,000.00 plus costs.

Following the successful conclusion of his claim our client commented as follows;


“Fast and professional service in the most compassionate way. I would highly recommended Boyd Rice Solicitors to all my friends and Family.”


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