Boyd Rice Solicitors were instructed to act on behalf of Ms C in relation to her injury claim arising from a road traffic accident.

Our client was the driver of a vehicle which was stationary at a road block when her vehicle was hit with considerable force on the rear by another vehicle and was pushed into the vehicle in front.

She attended the Ulster Hospital in Dundonald and also her GP with complaints in relation to pain in her neck, back and wrist. A scaphoid fracture was suspected and she was placed in a futoro splint. She also developed pain in her leg.

Clearly our client was seriously injured in the accident and it was important to get a full understanding of her injuries before taking all relevant steps to ensure that she received proper compensation for the injuries together with recovery of the costs of any additional medical treatment required.

In addition, our client required 3 weeks off work and we were asked by her insurance company to recover all wages advanced to her during that time.

Court proceedings were issued on our client’s behalf and the case resolved without the need to attend Court. Our client received the sum of £6390.36 which included the cost of 7 sessions of acupuncture. We also recovered a sum in respect of our client’s wages for her employer.

Following the successful conclusion of their claim our client commented as follows;

“I contacted my insurer the day after the accident and was told so many conflicting pieces of information  regarding the process to be taken after an accident.  At one point, my insurer even told me I would not receive any monies towards my vehicle due to the nature of my policy. It was extremely overwhelming and difficult to process after the nature of the accident. I decided to call Boyd Rice Solicitors as they had so many positive online reviews. After a 5 minute phone call with Neil, all this stress was lifted of my shoulders and I felt extremely confident I was in the best of hands. Neil kept in regular contact with me and never failed to answer any queries I had. I really cannot begin to thank Boyd Rice Solicitors enough, as they helped take an extremely stressful scenario and turn it in to something that I could genuinely forget about, allowing me to focus on the physical recovery after the accident.   I have since, and will continue to highly recommend Boyd Rice Solicitors and not just for personal injury purposes.”

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