Protection from Harassment

Harassment is something with which we, as a society, are becoming more and more acutely aware of. Especially in this digital and social media age where people can be bullied and abused online. If you are suffering from harassment you need to be aware that you are not alone and that we can help. First though, if your harassment is at the hands of someone you’re having or had a relationship with; a family member; or someone you’re living with or lived with, then see our page relating to Non-Molestation Orders.

For harassment at the hands of anyone else you may be able to find protection through The Protection from Harassment (Northern Ireland) Order 1997. This legislation states;

A person shall not pursue a course of conduct—

(a)which amounts to harassment of another; and

(b)which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other.

A “course of conduct” must involve conduct on at least two occasions and includes speech.

The legislation creates a criminal offence, which can lead to imprisonment and it also creates a civil remedy where you can obtain a court injunction restraining the harasser from continuing to engage in the conduct which constitutes the harassment. If the harasser breaks the terms of that injunction then that again constitutes a criminal offence and imprisonment may follow.

We are here to talk and listen to the problems you are going through. You will not be judged in any way. Just by opening up to someone you may begin to feel like there are people on your side and that you can gain the strength to do something about it. We can liaise with the PSNI on your behalf if you do not feel strong enough to do that.

Please do not let funding concerns deter you from getting in touch with us. We will provide you at the outset with estimates of all our fees and charges. There may be the possibility to agree a flat fee at the outset of your case. Alternatively you may be entitled to legal aid. We will be able to explore these options on your behalf.

For many years Boyd Rice Solicitors have been representing people who are going through this difficult time in their lives.  We devote care and attention to our clients and you can contact your assigned solicitor by phone or email.

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Claim arising from trip in shop settles for £30,000

Mrs B was in a recently-refurbished shop looking for some new flooring when she walked up a small ramp covered in some carpet remnant. This caused her to trip and fall, landing heavily on her left hand causing immediate pain in her wrist. After being helped to her feet our client noticed her wrist was swelling up. Her husband then took her to the Mater Hospital where she was sent for an x-ray.

The initial X-rays showed Mrs B had a fracture in her left wrist however further investigation was required to determine the extent of the injury. A cast was applied but in order to help resolve the issue manipulation was required with a small step in the joint still evident on inspection.

The following day Mrs B attended the fracture clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) and attended again one week later for open reduction and external fixation of her fracture which required an anaesthetic. Issues with her wrist continued and Mrs B had to attend further appointments at the RVH to review how the injury was improving as well as physiotherapy to aid recovery. Pain continued to bother her with day-to-day tasks such as peeling potatoes or filling a kettle causing her issues. In order to complete work around the house, Mrs B’s granddaughters had to assist with daily chores.

On being instructed Neil McGranaghan directed a letter of claim to the shop for onward transmission to their insurers. Correspondence alleged the incident arose from the shop’s negligence in failing to ensure the safety of visitors to the store. Neil’s priority was to ensure that Mrs B was fully compensated for her injuries and suffering. Compensation included special damages for monies paid to her granddaughters for helping with work around the house.

Settlement was reached without a need for Court Proceedings for the sum of £30,000 including special damages plus costs in Mrs B’s favour.

Following the successful conclusion of their claim our client commented as follows;

“I would recommend highly Neil as he kept me fully informed at all stages of my action and arranged all my medical examinations after a fall which caused a broken wrist. He obtained me a very good settlement in just 1 year. Thank you Neil very much.”

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Road Traffic Accident settles for £5,500 plus costs

Boyd Rice Solicitors were instructed to act on behalf of Mr S in relation to his personal injury claim arising from a road traffic accident (RTA).

Mr S was driving home from work along a country road when a dog ran out in front of him. Swerving and braking to avoid hitting the dog, Mr S’s van was struck on the rear by another vehicle. Matters were discussed at the scene with the other driver admitting he had been distracted at the wheel. Mr S then drove his damaged van home. Although not feeling immediate pain at the scene, Mr S became increasingly aware of pain in his neck, back and knee. He attended the Ulster Hospital A & E.

Although there were no fractures, Mr S had suffered soft tissue injuries to his back and neck. Injuries to his neck were made worse due to his history of issues in that region which had been improving through physiotherapy. Self-employed in physical work, Mr S was off work for an initial two weeks before returning only in a reduced capacity. On attending his GP he was given advice and medication, also attending further physiotherapy for his injuries.

On instruction Neil McGranaghan directed a letter of claim to the other driver’s insurance company alleging that their insured’s negligence had led to our client’s personal injury, loss and damage. A medical examination was arranged to ensure we had a full understanding of all injuries.

Given that the accident had led to our client’s reduced capacity in work Neil’s aim was to ensure the matter was dealt with as soon as possible and that Mr S was fully compensated. After extensive communication with the other driver’s insured settlement was reached in the sum of £5,500 plus costs in Mr S’ favour with no requirement for Court proceedings.

Following the successful conclusion of their claim our client commented as follows;

“Neil did a great and quick job on my behalf to settle my claim as soon as possible.

Many thanks to him and the Team, I will definitely be using Boyd Rice Solicitors again!”

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