Road traffic accident on Newtownards Road settles for £3,250

Boyd Rice Solicitors were instructed to act on behalf of Mr A in respect of his injury claim and a claim for damage to his vehicle. Our client was driving along the Newtownards Road towards Belfast. He had moved off from a set of traffic lights when the vehicle behind collided with the rear of his vehicle causing damage to the rear bumper and light fitting.

Mr A rang Neil McGranaghan right after the accident occurred. He was going to speak to his insurance company and instruct them to arrange repairs to his vehicle however we decided to keep the accident away from his own insurance company, meaning that his insurance would not be affected going forward. An assessment of his vehicle and repairs were arranged via NI Accident Management Ltd who would then instruct Neil to recover the cost of repairs and hire from the at fault driver’s insurer.

Our client developed pain in his neck, shoulders and back. He rang his GP who prescribed naproxen.

Our client’s vehicle was repaired quickly and he was provided with a replacement vehicle whilst his repairs were carried out. The cost of repairs and the hire vehicle were recovered from the at fault driver’s insurer. This meant that our client’s insurance premium was totally unaffected by the accident. In respect of his injuries, we arranged a medical examination which was carried out 3 months after the accident. The examining Consultant confirmed that our client sustained a soft tissue injury of his neck,mid thoracic area and lower back in the accident and despite having made good progress with recovery at that stage indicated that it would take him a further few months to recover fully.

Once Neil received the Consultant’s medical report, negotiations with the at fault driver’s insurer began and the injury claim was settled in the sum of £3,250. In addition our client’s legal costs were paid by the at fault driver’s insurer. The case took just over 6 months to bring to conclusion.

Following the successful conclusion of his claim our client commented as follows;

“Having contacted Boyd Rice Solicitors after my road traffic accident I received a prompt response from Neil providing clear and helpful advice. Despite being only a few days before Christmas, a high-quality courtesy car was arranged while repairs where being carried out on my vehicle. Acting on my behalf, Neil was successful in achieving a quick resolution which exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate in contacting Boyd Rice Solicitors in the future should the need arise.“                                                                                                



This case highlights the importance of contacting us at the earliest possible opportunity following a road traffic accident. We regularly take calls from our clients at the scene of the accident. We can then guide you through the process and ensure your insurance premium is unaffected, if possible. If you would like advice, free of charge, please contact us by phone on 02891 817715 or by email