Hearing loss claims solicitors

Hearing loss claim against multiple Defendants resolves in the sum of £9,062.50

Boyd Rice Solicitors are regularly instructed by clients who have been exposed to excessive noise at work and as a result have developed noise induced hearing loss or tinnitus. In this case, our client had been employed by Robert Hair and Company Ltd in the 1980s, he subsequently joined Short Brothers as an airframe fitter and worked for them for over 10 years until finally joining Northern Ireland Railways/ Translink. During the course of his employment with all three, he was exposed to excessive noise and was not provided with ear protection at all times. Our client instructed that the hearing tests carried out at work confirmed that he had sustained loss of hearing and we were confident based on his initial instructions that he had a meritorious claim. He also instructed that he suffers from Tinnitus or ringing in the ears when lying in bed at night. He was able to tell us that he has to ask people to repeat themselves regularly and listens to the television at an elevated volume at home.

We instructed a Consultant Otolaryngologist to carry out an Audiogram (hearing test) and to discuss our client’s employment history with him. The Consultant was provided with a schedule of our client’s employers which we obtained from HMRC. The Consultant’s detailed report confirms that our client was suffering from mild sensorineural hearing loss and mild to moderate Tinnitus. The Consultant attributed 80% of his hearing loss to exposure during the course of his employment.

We issued Court proceedings on behalf of our client against the three aforementioned employers. Their respective insurance companies nominated Solicitors to defend the claims. The Defendants’ Solicitors agreed that our client should be medically examined by an expert of their choice. Their expert also prepared a report.  Both medical experts were largely in agreement however negotiations were taking too long and we asked the Court to list the case for Hearing. The case resolved shortly after without the need for our client to attend Court in the sum of £9062.50 and our client’s legal costs were divided between and paid by the Defendants’ insurance companies.

Following the successful conclusion of their claim our client commented as follows;

After years of working in a noisy environment I had some hearing loss. So I contacted Neil Mc Granaghan at BoydRice solicitors, Newtownards, County Down. From the first phone call to the last conversation the service was absolutely first class and completely professionally handled. I would completely recommend BoydRice Solicitors for all your legal needs. Thank you Neil and all the team for sorting my claim and winning it for me.”                                                                                                  

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