Victim of dog attack receives £15,500 in compensation

Boyd Rice Solicitors were instructed to act on behalf of Mr M in relation to a personal injury claim relating to a dog attack. Mr M who worked as a self-employed courier for Amazon, was performing his duties, delivering parcels in a rural area in Tyrone. As he approached one of the addresses assigned to him that day he was not met by the owner, but by two large dogs. It is not uncommon for delivery drivers to encounter dogs when performing their duties, but normally the animals are friendly, kept inside or not bothered by the arrival of the delivery man. These 2 dogs appeared to be very agitated and without warning Mr M was attacked from behind by one of the dogs, he was knocked forward and fell face first.  Receiving little to no help from the dogs’ owner Mr M was bitten and pulled around by the animal.

In a state of disbelief over the owner’s lack of empathy regarding the incident, Mr M was brought to Lagan Valley A&E to be treated for his injuries and given a tetanus injection. Further measures were required to ensure an infection did not develop.

He then contacted Boyd Rice Solicitors and instructed us to seek compensation from the dog owner for the injuries sustained. We arranged a medical examination with a Consultant Plastic Surgeon. The Plastic Surgeon commented upon the bite marks left by the dog on our client and highlighted that our client remains very anxious around dogs following the attack. On that basis, we arranged for an appointment with a Consultant Psychiatrist. The Psychiatrist report confirmed our client’s apprehension around dogs and concluded that our client had suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) following his ordeal but fortunately indicated that he would fully recover within a couple of years if he received the right treatment.

Upon receipt of the medical reports we were given authority by our client to engage with the dog owner’s insurer with a view to settling the case. Liability at that stage had already been formally accepted. Discussions with the insurer resulted in the case settling out of Court in our client’s favour in the sum of £15,500 together with his legal costs.

Upon successful conclusion of his case our client commented as follows:

“I am a retired company director with an MBA and law degree from Chicago Booth University. I retired at 48 financially secure and entered the gig economy working as a part time courier with Amazon Flex. In or around early January 2022 my world was turned upside down by an unprovoked attack whilst carrying out my duties for amazon. My fears were further compounded in the aftermath of the attack as it appeared Northern Ireland had no dedicated dog bite specialists. Fearfull, i would be left stranded and isolated, I started a search by contacting many law firms that I had known over many years in business. Initial impressions were frightening to say the least. This was clearly a niche market which would require a distinct set of skills and in simple terms, would need a dedicated specialist with a clear understanding of this type of market. However, it was during a call to a leading law firm in Belfast which gave me my first chink of light in a very dark room. The answer was clinical. Call “Neil Mc Granaghan of Boyd Rice solicitors.” I knew intuitively my worries were over. Flawless communication, seemless integration, and an astute legal eye steered this matter to conclusion in a matter of months. I was struck by the forensic synchronicity within the practice. Neil Mc Granaghan was absolutely impeccable. Outstanding. Readers should take note of the exceptional settlement amount in this case. Individual settlements will of course vary depending on the merits of a particular case. However, this figure was achieved singularly by forensic application of Neil Mc Granaghan to the case. Without hesitation the top dog attack solicitor in the country. Thank you Neil. “