Agriculture, Farming and Rural Law

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Those in the farming and rural community face unique legal challenges. Boyd Rice Solicitors can help you navigate them.

Boyd Rice Solicitors has been providing expert legal advice to the farming and rural community in Newtownards, the Ards Peninsula and beyond for over 30 years. Our expertise includes the following areas;

Agricultural Property

We have one of the largest Property law teams in Ards and North Down with a wealth of experience acting on behalf of the farming community in the sale and purchase of farmland. We are highly recommended by all local agents and brokers and are known for getting transactions complete with minimal stress and fuss.

We advise on the following matters;

  • Building and Selling of Farms/Land.
  • Transfer of Ownership of Land.
  • Leases of Land.
  • Planning, Development and Environment Issues.
  • Adverse Possession.

Agricultural Disputes

We understand that those in the farming community can find themselves in any number of disputes, rightly or wrongly. Unfortunately, these disputes tend to get very expensive unless advice is sought at an early stage. Our Property and Litigation teams are here to help you deal with disputes as quickly and as cheaply as possible so that you can focus on your business.

We can help you with the following matters;

  • Disputes over Rights of Way and Easements.
  • Boundary Disputes.
  • Personal Injury Claims following farming accidents.
  • Breach of Contract Claims.
  • Outstanding Debtors.

Agricultural Family and Succession Law

Farming businesses are invariably family businesses and with that comes another layer of legal issues to consider. This makes it even more crucial that you seek advice from a suitably qualified legal professional.

If you are a farmer that is getting married or divorced you will need to consider how best to protect your assets and the future of the business. If you are considering retirement you will need advice as to how to securely and efficiently pass the business on to the next generation. A key concern for you is likely to be the amount of Inheritance Tax you will pay whenever you pass away – it is never too early to seek advice about this. We can help you reduce your tax liability.

We can advise you in relation to;

Recent Agricultural Laws Cases

Recent cases we have acted in include;

  • We reviewed a husband and wife’s will and provided advice as to why it did not adequately reflect their intentions. We were then able to draft an amended will that covers all reasonably foreseeable eventualities.
  • We assisted a farmer in splitting his considerable land into three parcels, one for each of his sons who would carry on the family business.
  • With the assistance of our expert accounting partners, we were able to ensure our client was able to avail of full Agricultural Relief for Inheritance Tax following the death of his father and was therefore not liable to pay any tax.
  • We helped amend the registered boundary between our client’s farm and the neighbouring farm, thus resolving many years of dispute.

Why Choose Boyd Rice?

We are the most rated Solicitor firm, on Google, in Ards and North Down – and by some distance. We have achieved this by focusing on client service and by always seeking to resolve matters as quickly as possible. Located in the centre of Newtownards we are well positioned to service the agriculture, farming and rural community in the Ards Peninsula and beyond. All prospective clients are entitled to a free no-obligation consultation where you can inform us of what you need and we can begin to make a plan to help.

If you have any queries relating to any of the issues above please do not hesitate to contact us for a free no-obligation consultation. You can call us on 02891 817715 or complete our Online Enquiry Form.