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Boyd Rice Solicitors’ Guide to Conveyancing Terminology

Ben Wall

Tell your deed from your deposit with our conveyancing jargon buster As legal professionals it is all too easy for us to fall into the trap of using complex legal terms and phrases when we discuss your conveyancing with you. We do our best to avoid this and to explain matters to you succinctly and […]

Road Traffic Accident in Lisburn, Northern Ireland settles for £5,800

Neil McGranaghan

Boyd Rice Solicitors were instructed to act on behalf of Ms J in relation to her personal injury claim. Our client instructed that she was the driver of a moving vehicle which was hit on the passenger side by another car which was performing a U-turn. The impact pushed our client’s vehicle into a wall. […]

Boyd Rice Solicitors announce Action on Hearing Loss as charity of the year

Neil McGranaghan

Boyd Rice Solicitors are delighted to announce Action on Hearing Loss as our 2019 charity of the year. Action on Hearing Loss support people throughout Northern Ireland and the UK who are deaf, have hearing loss and/or tinnitus to live the life they choose. They run free hearing aid support sessions and provide assessment and […]