What is the time limit for making a hearing loss claim in Northern Ireland?

As with most personal injury cases in Northern Ireland you have 3 years from the date of the injury or the date of knowledge.  The same applies with hearing loss cases in that you have 3 years from the date you became aware that your hearing loss and tinnitus was due to your noisy employment.  In certain circumstances exceptions may apply however should you have any doubt please contact us as soon as possible.

I worked in a noisy factory in the 1960s, can I still claim?

Yes, we have successfully brought claims where our clients worked in noisy factories from the 1960s up until the late 2000s.

How long does a hearing loss claim take?

The longest part of the claim is the information gathering. This is generally because we are relying on other parties.  Once however we have had you medically examined and depending on whether or not your employer is disputing the claim, generally speaking a case would be settled in 12 months. 

Can I claim for hearing loss and not just tinnitus?

If you were exposed to loud noise during the course of your employment and are now suffering from tinnitus.  It is likely that you are also suffering from noise induced hearing loss.  This is something that we can determine following your medical assessment.

Do I need to have a hearing aid to make a claim for hearing loss?

No, many of our clients don’t use a hearing aid.  This however doesn’t mean that they haven’t suffered some damage to their ears.  

Who can make a claim for hearing loss in Northern Ireland?

A claim for hearing loss can be brought by anyone who suffers from hearing loss or tinnitus and this is due to them being employed in a noisy working environment.  After receiving a diagnosis you then have 3 years to claim.