Will I have to go to Court?

We will instigate Court proceedings on your behalf if the other driver disputes liability or if negotiations with the other driver’s insurer prove unsuccessful. If there are no liability issues your case is likely to resolve before the Court Hearing date meaning that you will not have to attend Court.

How much is my whiplash claim worth?

The amount that you are awarded in respect of your injuries is based on a medical report outlining the extent of the injury caused. Compensation or “damages” will be paid for both physical and mental injury (both must be backed up by medical evidence).

Damages are assessed on a case by case basis although with reference to previous awards in similar cases. Time off work, medical treatment and the impact of the injury on work, sport and hobbies will also be considered.

Out of pocket expenses that are reasonably incurred eg. The cost of private physiotherapy, your insurance excess or loss of earnings can all be recovered on your behalf.

We will advise you in respect of the value of your claim once we have medical evidence to hand. For a general guide please consult our claim calculator https://www.boydricesolicitors.com/claim-calculator/

How long do I have to claim for damage to my vehicle?

If your vehicle was damaged in an accident and was not repaired at the time you have six years from the date of the accident to claim for the damage caused to your vehicle.

Can I still bring a claim if I only have third party fire and theft cover?

If the accident was not your fault you can still claim for the damage to your vehicle, or for the total loss of your vehicle, from the at fault driver’s insurance company. We will guide you through the process but essentially the claim is progressed in exactly the same way as a vehicle damage claim for a comprehensively insured driver.

My vehicle was relatively new at the time of the accident and may have depreciated in value, can you process a claim for depreciation on my behalf?

Yes, we will arrange for an assessor to determine the extent that your vehicle has depreciated in value as a result of your accident. You will be entitled to be compensated for the amount that your vehicle has depreciated as per the assessor’s report. It is important to remember that the assessor will provide an indication as to the extent of depreciation but this is only an indication and the depreciation figure can be challenged by the other driver’s insurer. As a rule of thumb, if your vehicle is less than 4 years old or is a luxury vehicle it will have depreciated in value.

What is the standard process for making a vehicle damage claim arising from a road traffic accident?

We will take details in relation to the accident and a motor assessor will be appointed to examine your vehicle. We will then direct a letter of claim to the at fault driver’s insurer and wait to see if they admit fault.

The motor assessor’s report is sent to the insurance company. The report confirms whether the vehicle can be repaired or not and the cost of repairs. If the vehicle is deemed a total loss the report will confirm the pre-accident value of the vehicle, the salvage value and whether the vehicle needs to be put into storage.

The insurance company will normally come back within 4 weeks. They will confirm their liability position and either authorise the cost of repairs or will send a cheque in respect of the pre-accident value of your vehicle less the salvage. We will send that cheque to you immediately.

If liability is disputed by the third party insurer it may be necessary to issue court proceedings to further your claim. In those circumstances the Court would timetable your case culminating in a Hearing where you would be required to give evidence.

What is a “write off” or “total loss”?

If the cost of repairing your vehicle is uneconomical then the other driver’s insurance company will not pay for repairs. Rather than paying for the vehicle to be repaired, the insurance company will pay the pre-accident value of the vehicle less its scrappage value (also known as salvage). The salvage value of your vehicle forms part of the pre-accident value. The pre-accident value is paid less the salvage and NI Accident Management will pay you the salvage leaving the other driver’s insurer to pay the balance of the pre-accident value of your vehicle.

Am I entitled to have my child seats replaced following an accident?


Yes, insurance companies will always cover the cost of replacement child seats. Simply either provide receipts for the child seats that were in the vehicle at the time of the accident or provide us with a link to a website where you can buy the same seats online, we will then ask the insurance company to issue a cheque right away.

The other driver’s insurance company has contacted me following my accident and offered me compensation for my injuries should I take it?

Without representation you would be up against an insurer who has a wealth of experience in defending claims and will in all likelihood offer you a sum which undercompensates you. In our experience, you will receive a greater level of compensation by progressing your claim through us.

How long will it take to resolve my claim?

In a straightforward case, where liability is accepted by the Defendant and you recover from your injuries quickly, resolving your claim may only take a matter of months. In other cases, delays are caused by the need to fully explore a client’s injuries, evidence not being available immediately, witness availability or the ability of the Court to hear the case. Boyd Rice Solicitors have a long-standing reputation for progressing cases quickly and our average case takes 6-9 months to bring to conclusion.