Explain the usual process for making an injury claim arising from a road traffic accident.

We will take your instructions in relation to the accident, your injuries and any ongoing symptoms.

The first thing we will do after gathering the relevant information is notify the at fault driver’s insurers of the claim and wait to see if they admit fault.

The next step is to arrange a medical examination with a medical expert (who specialises in the types of injuries that you are suffering from) in order to confirm injuries resulting from the accident. We will then consider your out of pocket expenses such as lost earnings and vehicle repairs. Once this has been done we will attempt to settle the claim on your behalf and will keep you updated every step along the way.

If liability is disputed by the third party insurer it may be necessary to issue court proceedings to further your claim. In those circumstances the Court would timetable your matter culminating in a Hearing where you would be required to give evidence.