What is the standard process for making a vehicle damage claim arising from a road traffic accident?

We will take details in relation to the accident and a motor assessor will be appointed to examine your vehicle. We will then direct a letter of claim to the at fault driver’s insurer and wait to see if they admit fault.

The motor assessor’s report is sent to the insurance company. The report confirms whether the vehicle can be repaired or not and the cost of repairs. If the vehicle is deemed a total loss the report will confirm the pre-accident value of the vehicle, the salvage value and whether the vehicle needs to be put into storage.

The insurance company will normally come back within 4 weeks. They will confirm their liability position and either authorise the cost of repairs or will send a cheque in respect of the pre-accident value of your vehicle less the salvage. We will send that cheque to you immediately.

If liability is disputed by the third party insurer it may be necessary to issue court proceedings to further your claim. In those circumstances the Court would timetable your case culminating in a Hearing where you would be required to give evidence.